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  • Deploy to DigitalOcean with Dokku

    Create server

    1. Create a droplet on digital ocean. Use my referal link for $10 credit. I also credit if you spend money, so thanks in advance ;)
      1. Select "Create Droplet"
      2. Under "Choose an image", click on "One-click Apps"
      3. Select Dokku for your app
      4. Under "Choose a size" select at least 1GB of RAM
      5. Add your ssh public key
      6. Click "Create"
    2. Once your server is created, go to the IP address in your browser
      1. Verify the ssh key is correct.
      2. Click "Finish setup"

  • Phoenix: Add blog post using Phoenix generator part 4

    This is build on top of Part 1.

  • Phoenix: Add route param part 3

    This is build on top of Part 2.

  • Phoenix: Add new route part 2

    Read Part 1 for instructions on how to set up.

  • Phoenix: Getting started part 1

    Checkout the video here:

  • Install latest Nodejs for Ubuntu

    In this blog post, I will walk you through on how to install Nodejs from the source code.

  • Setup Exercism

    Exercism is crowd-sourced code mentorship. It helps you learn and practice a new language by solving programming problems. Here's the instruction on how to get started.

  • Elixir cheatsheet


    This is kind of like my cheatsheet. It assumes you know Elixir and want to use this as reference.

  • Elixir macro

    Warning: Don't use macros where you can use a function. As Elixir guide said "Clear code is better than concise code." However, there cases like if you're writing a library or working with Elixir core, you may need to write or read it. I hope this post will help you understand it better.

  • Read the docs

    This is how I feel when someone tells me to go read the docs.

  • Elixir configs

    When you create a new elixir project, the project should have a config folder in it. Inside the config folder there should be a config.exs file. You can set your configuration in here. Or you can add your config in a file that correspond to the environment (e.g. dev.exs, prod.exs, test.exs).

  • Ruby on Rails: Sending email through Mandrill

    In order to send an email, you need a mail server. Mandrill provides an SMTP server that allows you to send email with Rails.

  • Elixir: Adding a new mix task

    Mix is a build tool mainly used to create, compile, and test Elixir project. You can create a new task by adding a file with the namespace Mix.Tasks and implementing a run/1 function. Let's create a greeting task.

  • Jekyll: Code syntax highlighter

    By default, Jekyll comes with kramdown syntax highlighter. You can add higlighter to your code by putting it in a highlight block.

  • Elixir anonymous function

    Anonymous function in Elixir is express as follow: